Let's assume that a engineer is working at same domain for a long time.

Then, based on my experience, relation among those three is something like this.

<Performance/Productivity> = <Talent> * <Time> ^ <Attitude>

What this means?

At early stage, Talent dominates Performance.

But, after all, Attitude dominates Performance.

Then, what is attitude means for engineer?
In my opinion, good attitude of engineer, is
    - studying continuously.
    - trying to establish strong knowledge base for domain.
    - trying to understand as many / deep as possible regarding his/her task and domain.
    .. .and so on.

Let's see below graph.

Y-axis : Performance / Productivity
X-axis : Time

Red line : Talent value = 1, Attitude value = 4
Green line : Talent value = 10, Attitude value = 2

At this graph, there is special period (0 < Time < 1).

At this period, Attitude hinders Performance.

My interpretation is, engineer who has great attitude, always tries to understand nature and fundamental knowledge of tasks.

So, during this period, in terms of so-called output, he/she may be worse than other engineers.

But, based on this strong knowledge and understanding, he/she accelerates productivity (Time > 1)

And finally, his/her performance overcome talent.

This is my opinion based one only my experience.

Reader may or may not agree with it.
But, I strongly believe this. :)

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