Fabric has great document for it.
See https://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/release-1.2/build_network.html#

But, once you try you own network from scratch, you will face lots of unexpected obstacles.
So, in addition to this guide, I would like to mention some more information. If you are not familiar with docker and docker-compose, you may confuse what is exactly happending inside of byfn(Build Your First Network). Therefore, before staring building your network, please understand what is docker and docker-compose.

One important thing regarding docker-compose is, by default docker-compose uses user-defined bridge network mode. And, instantiation CC means running docker-container. Problem is, container for CC also should join to network in where peer is joined.

Environment variable CORE_VM_DOCKER_HOSTCONFIG_NETWORKMODE is for it!

You should NOT forget this!
Without this, container cannot connect to peer nodes!

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