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The team member (henceforth member) needs to report current state (what he/she is doing and progress etc) frequently to team leader (henceforth leader); Leader always want to know what members are doing.
On the contrary, leader needs to tell members what he/she wants to be done.

Usually, leader set the vision, goal and direction; members make those come true. Members cannot decide what they should do if they don't have any idea about what leader wants.; It is same to the leader. Leader cannot make right decision about the future goal and vision without knowledge of current state of what members are doing.

So, "Sharing current state and goal" is very important to team.

In general, members know about practical state and issues better than leader. And leader understands external situation better and studies vision and future goal harder than members.

Now, it's time to share it!!

(Is it too trivial to discuss? Never!.)

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