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Conflicting symbol name with library is not rare.
So, I want suggest my personal opinion to avoid this.

1. Before release code/library, change all symbol name of source code into unique name (random string) with tool.
2. Determine appropriate symbol name that should be exported.
  (There can be two options. (*a)One is "changing exported symbols into agreed name". (*b)The other is "providing header file that includes all exported symbol with recommended name. And user can re-define necessary or conflicting symbol into expected one")

Let's see the example.

 a. (original source code)
  MY_UINT32 my_name;
  MY_UINT16 company_name;

 b. (symbol-changing-tool setting) - change symbol from 'a.'
  MY_UINT32 => FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00001
  MY_UINT16 => FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00002
  my_name => FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00003
  compay_name => FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00004

 c. (auto-modified original source code)
  FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00001 FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00003;
  FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00002 FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00004;

-------- (*a) -------------

 d1. agreed name
  MY_UINT32 => UINT32
  MY_UINT16 => UINT16
  my_name => company_name
  company_name => firm_name

 d2(*a). (symbol-changing-too setting) - change symbol from 'c.' based on 'd.'
  FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00001 => UINT32
  FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00002 => UINT16
  FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00003 => company_name
  FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00004 => firm_name

---------- (*b) ---------

 d. (header file that has recommended symbol)
  /*symbol_match.h */
  /*=============== symbol-matching table ================= */
  #define UINT32 FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00001
  #define UINT16 FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00002
  #define my_name FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00003
  #define company_name FooRgYaIIkdjdtq40238dkkRkwUTTT00004


 e. (Releasable code - base source code for building library)
  UINT32 company_name;
  UINT16 firm_name;

I think this way is worth considering to make very portable library.

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