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Error when executing shell command in "Cygwin make"
Here is the case.

path=c:\cygwin\bin; (...omitted... );; (...omitted...)

Take you attention to ';;' - two consecutive semicolon.

In above path environment, executable binaries like 'cp', 'mkdir' that are in 'c:\cywin\bin', works well. But, shell command like 'cmd' raise error something like "command not found".

After removing ';;' - consecutive semicolon (empty path) -, all works well.

So, here is my inference.

"Cywin make" executes command by following order.
  1. searching path environment to file executable binary.
  2. regards command as 'shell command' and try to execute.

In case that ';;' is appeared in the path, "Cygwin make" cannot recognize path after ';;'. So, executables located in the directory those are before ';;' works well. But, those are not, "Cygwin make" treats it as "shell command" and raises error (there is no shell command like this...).

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