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 My personal definition of software development process. (There aren't any grounds for this except for my experience.)

1. Rough analysis
  - Analyzing requirements.
  - Analyzing features and functionality that are required.
  - Analyzing required schedule.

2. Detail analysis
  - Defining the way to measure project's completeness.(When can we say "We complete this project!")
  - Defining risks.
  - Estimating costs and time.
  - Deciding whether to go or not.

3. Planing
  - Making reasonable schedule.
  - Confirming resource plan.
  - Confirming the way to measure project's progress - including Milestone. (ex. if XXX is YYY, then project is oo% completed.)
  - Planning schedule, solution and alternatives etc about risk management.

4. Development
  - Determining development environment. (ex. language, CM tool, etc.)
  - Designing SW.
  - Making test plan and cases.
  - Implementation & debugging.

5. Maintenance

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