[Android] WindowManager & Display Area

Domain/Android 2014.08.08 11:06

Rough Block Diagram

[Display Device] <>--- [Logical Display] <>--- [WindowManager]


has followings (Initial values are set as information from display device).






has followings



shown on the display.



[LayerStackRect] ---(project to)---> [DisplayRect]



This value is outbound of WindowManager.

Above information is very rough and... NOT strictly verified.

Here is useful tool supported by Google to handle displaying area and density - wm.

You can find it at '/system/bin/wm'

root@generic:/system/bin # ./wm reset usage: wm [subcommand] [options] wm size [reset|WxH] wm density [reset|DENSITY] wm overscan [reset|LEFT,TOP,RIGHT,BOTTOM]

Very useful isn't it!

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